Refraction Certificate (Cairo) May 2023

Refraction Certificate (Cairo) May 2023
No previous experience in ophthalmology is necessary for candidates to sit the Refraction Certificate but candidates are unlikely to pass this assessment if they have not undertaken a large number of clinical refractions in the clinical settings of either the hospital workplace or in optometric establishments. Candidates in OST are required to pass this examination before they enter into the fourth year of ophthalmic specialist training.

The assessment consists of a 10 station Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Six of these stations are retinoscopy stations during which candidates will examine three patients, performing retinoscopy on each eye. The time allowed will be ten minutes for each double retinoscopy station during which time both eyes must be assessed. Candidates are permitted to divide the ten minute period between the eyes as they wish. Each station will be timed precisely.

From August 2013, candidates are permitted a maximum of six attempts in which to pass the Refraction Certificate examination.  Refraction Certificate examination attempts prior to August 2013 do not count towards the number of attempts available.

Exemption – Candidates who have been registered with the General Optical Council as an optometrist in the last five years are exempt from this certificate. Candidates intending to apply for exemption should therefore ensure that they do so within this period. Candidates in ophthalmic specialist training are advised to apply for exemption before the end of year three.

20/05/2023 09:00 - 21/05/2023 17:00
GMT Daylight Time
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