Cornea Curriculum Course - 21-22 July 2022

Cornea Curriculum Course - 21-22 July 2022
Surgical skills, two-day-course on Corneal transplantation  (penetrating keratoplasty, DALK, DSEK, PDEK and DMEK), and Common Corneal procedures (Suturing, gluing, Amniotic membrane suturing corneal laceration).Wet Lab training on common corneal procedures, PKP and DALK.  Suitable for mid-career trainees and early career consultants. Overseas doctors are welcome.

Didactic and interactive lectures with one-to-one wetlabs on appropriate material.

Member/Non-member - £800

Course Faculty:        Harminder S Dua and Dr DG Said (Day One).

Harminder Dua, Dr DG Said and Mohamed Elalfy (Day Two)

Day One  

Lectures (morning session): 09.30-12.45

  • Amniotic membrane (History, indications and uses, surgical techniques, fate of membrane, complications) [Wet lab with human amniotic membrane: identification of side, trephination and tailoring, suturing and gluing).
  • Corneal gluing: Cyanoacrylate glue and fibrin glue. Indications and techniques [Wet lab with each type of glue]
  • Alcohol delamination of the corneal epithelium: technique, diagnostic and therapeutic uses [Wet lab technique]
  • Corneal Biopsy: Indications and techniques [Wet Lab. Biopsy using skin biopsy trephines]
  • Fine needle diathermy occlusion of corneal vessels (didactic, wet lab provisional) indications and techniques
  • Suturing corneal lacerations: (didactic, Wet lab suturing practice) Leaking vs self-sealing lacerations.  Linear, triangular, stellate lacerations. Wounds with tissue loss.

LUNCH 12.45-13.30

Wet lab (afternoon session): 13.30-17.00 

  • Procedures as above

Day Two

Lectures (morning session): 09.30-12.45 

  • Penetrating keratoplasty
  • Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty
  • Endothelial keratoplasty (DSEK, PDEK, DMEK)
  • (Indications, pre-operative assessment, surgical tips and techniques, post-operative management including post keratoplasty astigmatism).

LUNCH 12.45-13.30

Wet Lab (afternoon session): 13.30-17.00 

  • Penetrating keratoplasty (use of Vacumn Trephine, manual trephination, Suturing techniques). Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (Big bubble technique and manual lamellar technique).

21/07/2022 09:00 - 22/07/2022 17:00
The Royal College of Ophthalmologists 18 Stephenson Way Euston London NW1 2HD UNITED KINGDOM
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