Ocular Trauma - 7th October 2022

Ocular Trauma - 7th October 2022
The ocular trauma course is a practical course which will focus on the management of complex corneal lacerations, iris trauma, corneo-scleral  lacerations, globe rupture, lid laceration and canalicular repair. This will be a “hands on” course with the emphasis on practicing surgical techniques and interactive small group teaching, rather than didactic lectures. The course is aimed at Ophthalmologists who provide surgical on-call services such as ST5-7 trainees, Fellows and Consultants.


Member - £600
Non-member - £635

Course Structure:

  1. Corneal and Iris trauma
    • stellate corneal lacerations (purse string sutures, butterfly sutures, Akkin star sutures)
    • shelved corneal lacerations
    • Iris trauma repair - Siepser knots


  2. Scleral lacerations and globe rupture
    • Corneo-scleral laceration repair extending from cornea through the limbus to the equator
    • Equatorial scleral rupture (blunt trauma) running underneath a rectus muscle
    • Management of traumatic cataract


  3. Lid laceration and canalicular repair
  • Marginal lid laceration creation and repair. Using stents to repair canalicular injuries.


07/10/2022 08:30 - 17:00
The Royal College of Ophthalmologists 18 Stephenson Way Euston London NW1 2HD UNITED KINGDOM
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