Trabeculectomy Skills Workshop - 2 June 2021 (Webinar)

Trabeculectomy Skills Workshop - 2 June 2021 (Webinar)
The two principle aims of this workshop is to teach trainees how to create a scleral flap and how to place an adjustable / releasable suture in the scleral flap. Trainees will commence the workshop practicing scleral flap creation on an apple before moving on to model eyes. They will then use the model eyes to practice placement of adjustable/ releasable sutures, which are one of the cornerstones of safe trabeculectomy surgery. Trainees will require access to a bench top or operating microscope which can be linked to a phone, tablet or laptop. Videos of such set-ups will be available on the College section of the Simulation Gallery.

This webinar is open to ST3 and above trainees.

The video below will give you an overview of what the webinar will cover.

Equipment needed:
Please note that in order for you to take part in the Trabeculectomy workshop, you will need to have access to a microscope (beach top or theatre ), which can be linked to a tablet / laptop and hence to Zoom. Please contact your local simulation leads to ask for locations that have microscope facilities and how many microscopes they have available on the evening of the workshop.

Please make sure you have access to a microscope, before booking a place. For any queries, please contact

Instruments and other material to be supplied by delegates:
- Small needle holder
- Vanna's scissors
- Fine toothed forceps
- Fine non-toothed forceps
- Crescent blade
- 11 blade
- Apple

Consumables supplied by the College:
- 1x Trabeculectomy eye
- 2x 10/ Nylon suture

We would like to thank Thea for their contribution towards this workshop.


Members/Non-members -  £60

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02/06/2021 18:00 - 19:30
Online via Zoom
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