Strabismus Surgery Skills Workshop - 3 June 2021 (Webinar)

Strabismus Surgery Skills Workshop - 3 June 2021 (Webinar)
We will be running two strabismus surgery skills workshops. The first will be for trainees who have done no strabismus surgery and the principle aims of this session will be to teach instrument handling technique, how to make a safe scleral pass and how to secure a rectus muscle with a 6/0 vicryl suture for a recession procedure. The second workshop will be for trainees who have completed 10 or more strabismus procedures and will focus on how to perform adjustable suture surgery and how to carry our post-operative adjustments. Trainees will make their own “ping-pong” model strabismus eyes by following the videos on the Simulation Gallery.

This webinar is open to ST1-ST3 trainees.

The video below will give you an overview of what the webinar will cover.

Instruments and other material to be supplied by delegates:
- 2x 6/0 Vicryl suture
- Westcott scissors
- St Martins forceps

Consumables supplied by the College:
- Strabismus ping-pong ball model eye

We would like to thank Thea for their contribution towards this workshop. 


Members/Non-members -  £30

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03/06/2021 18:00 - 19:30
Online via Zoom
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