Training the Trainers for Junior Trainees (ST1-ST4)

Training the Trainers for Junior Trainees (ST1-ST4)
Training the Trainers for Junior Trainees (ST1-ST4) will help Junior trainees to develop a variety of  educational skills that will engage fellow trainees and trainers and help them learn efficiently  and effectively.  This course uses a blend of independent preparatory learning with intensively-facilitated  practical sessions on the day. Delegates will learn to understand the needs of learners and tools utilised in teaching, and  how to apply them. These tools include:  • Understanding learners’ needs  • Techniques to enhance the value of teaching  • Tailoring teaching to the learners  • Setting aims and objectives  • Designing a teaching session  • Teaching practical skills • Evaluation and feedback  By attending the course delegates will take part in multiple intensively-facilitated small group practical sessions during which they will fine-tune their skills to apply these tools. Domains covered from “GMC Approval of Trainers”  2. Establishing and maintaining an environment for learning  3. Teaching and facilitating learning  7. Continuing professional development as an Educator Please note this course is only suitable for ST1-ST4 Trainees.

TTT for Junior Trainees
Wednesday 2 November 2022 draft Course Programme









Welcome and Introductions




Reflection on a delivered teaching session

Individual delegates will be given the opportunity to introduce themselves and their session, then share a couple of key points they learnt from their pre-course reflection



Setting Aims and Objectives

Small group work writing aims and objectives for one of a choice of teaching sessions








Designing a teaching session

Small groups design the programme for a local or regional postgraduate teaching half-day





Giving feedback

In threes delegates give feedback, and receive feedback on their feedback












Teaching practical skills

In pairs delegates teach each other a practical skill.






Surgical training

Small group discussions on surgical teaching and training












Delivering a Teaching Presentation with feedback

In small groups delegates create a 5min presentation and give/receive feedback






Round-up & Evaluation






  4.30                 Close
02/11/2022 09:00 - 17:00
The Royal College of Ophthalmologists 18 Stephenson Way London, London NW1 2HD UNITED KINGDOM
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