Application Process for the Refraction Certificate Examination

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Refraction Certificate examination is also offered as a standalone examination for optometrists worldwide who are not intending to complete the whole FRCOphth. Each candidate who passes this exam will be given a digital certificate but no postnominal is awarded. It should also be noted that for optometrists, the Refraction Certificate does not provide anything additional to practice in the UK.

Optometrists must have a medical degree/MCOptom or equivalent qualification from their home country to be eligible to apply for this examination.

If you have previously registered or sat our exams,
please log in and register via the ihub booking link:

If you are a new applicant, please read the instructions carefully,
if we receive the incorrect documents, it will delay your application and could result in missing the deadline for applications.

This is a 2-step application form:

Step 1: You will need to complete the online application form.

Step 2: If your application is approved, you will receive a payment link after 24 hours via email which requires payment on the same day.

Please note it is recommended that candidates who do not have a fully registered GMC/IMC number should apply (at least 3 weeks) before the deadline to ensure their documents are approved, any later than this jeopardises the chance of your application being approved before the deadline.

Candidate Application Process Steps:

Candidates are required to submit an attested copy of their medical degree in evidence of their eligibility to sit this examination, if you do not have a General Medical Council (GMC) or Irish Medical Council (IMC) number. GMC/IMC reference numbers are NOT accepted.

Medical degree certificates MUST be attested by one of the following:

   -    a Fellow of this College in good standing
   -    the university issuing the certificate
   -    a solicitor/Advocate
   -    your embassy

We do not accept attestation from the translation company, EPIC verifications, Justice of Peace, Peace Commissioner or Commissioner of Oaths or from your hospital or work colleagues.

Please use an attester that holds one of the positions above, otherwise we will not be able to accept the degree.

If you are providing a certificate that is not in English, please ensure it is accompanied by a translated copy which also must be attested. Translation companies cannot attest your certificate but must sign and stamp the translated certificate to confirm it is genuine.

The original and translated copy of your certificate MUST be attested by one of the attesters mentioned in the list above.

When attesting the certificate, please ensure the attesters signature is written in BLUE pen, stamped and recently dated.

You MUST also include a letter from the official person that has attested the document so that we can contact them independently for verification of the attestation.

September 2023 (Birmingham) – Registration opens on 15/05/22 00:00 to 10/07/2022 17:00
November 2023 (Cairo) – Registration opens on 07/08/2022 00:00 to 02/10/2022 17:00
December 2023 (Birmingham) – Registration opens on 21/08/2023 00:00 to 16/10/2023 17:00