Update to bookings for non-members

From January 2022 non-members will be charged for simulator sessions. The costs are £25 for a half day and £50 for a full day.

All bookings are subject to our normal terms and conditions. Sign in (or create an account) to place a booking.

The EyeSi Simulator is available for use between 9.00 and 16.00, on listed days only, split between AM (09:00-12:00) and PM (13:00-16:00) sessions. Please note that you will need to have received training in how to use the simulator, or be supervised by somebody that has - College staff are not able to provide supervision. If you are not comfortable using the simulator on your own, please bring a supervisor with you.

For any queries, please contact the Skills Centre Coordinator at skills.centre@rcophth.ac.uk

Simulator Availability

EyeSi Sessions - 7 February 202307/02/2023RegisterEYES230207
EyeSi Sessions - 9 February 202309/02/2023RegisterEYES230209
EyeSi Sessions - 14 February 202314/02/2023RegisterEYES230214
EyeSi Sessions - 16 February 202316/02/2023RegisterEYES230216
EyeSi Sessions - 21 February 202321/02/2023RegisterEYES230221
EyeSi Sessions - 23 February 202323/02/2023RegisterEYES230223
EyeSi Sessions - 1 March 202301/03/2023RegisterEYES230301
EyeSi Sessions - 2 March 202302/03/2023RegisterEYES230302
EyeSi Sessions - 7 March 202307/03/2023RegisterEYES230307
EyeSi Sessions - 14 March 202314/03/2023RegisterEYES230314
EyeSi Sessions - 17 March 202317/03/2023RegisterEYES230317
EyeSi Sessions - 20 March 202320/03/2023RegisterEYES230320
EyeSi Sessions - 28 March 202328/03/2023RegisterEYES230328